Center of General Education

With the college’s accelerated pace of development, English Training Center merged with the Department of Basic Education in September 2016. It has officially changed its name to Center of General Education. The Center is committed to improving the basic literacy of the students, emphasizing independent thinking and focusing on humanities. The staff are working together to design curriculum to fully mobilize students’ learning enthusiasm and broaden their knowledge base and structure.

The center has a total of 14 faculty members, including 9 associate professors and 2 “Prominent Educators of Beijing”. Under the center there are four teaching and researching offices: Humanities, English, Physical Education and Computer Science.

Compulsory courses offered include College English, College Chinese, Politics, Computer Application, PE, Employment Guidance, National Defense Education and Military Training, etc. The Center also opens diversified elective courses, such as Dance, Music, Art, Swimming and Hockey. Students are encouraged to participate in various competitions and have achieved excellent results.