Faculty of Education

The School of Education was formed in September 2004. Currently, it has an enrolment of 1,583 students and had graduated 4,179 students. Our graduates are well sort after in the education industry especially in the preschool and kindergarten area.

The Diploma of Education programs offered by the school are either a two or three year full time study at the college.

The three year program is meant for students sitting for the National high school examination.  It has five different pathways :

1. Pre-School Education

2. International Pre-School Bilingual Education

3. Kindergarten Management

4. Parent – Child Education

5. Artistic and Technology Education

The two year program is meant for students from the vocation institute specializing in pre-school education. There is only one path way which is Pre-school Artistics Education.

Currently, the school has teaching facilities occupying around 1000 square meters. These facilities includes a Research Center, Montessori Center, Orff Schulwerk Music Room , Baby Swimming pool and Culture Artistic Center. There is also an experimental kindergarten on the school premises. On top of that, Huijia Education also owns 40 kindergartens across Beijing and China. These are all good training grounds for our students. Using our current model, our students are able to get hands-on training before graduation and able to meet the job expectation upon graduation.