Faculty of Sports and Leisure

The Faculty of Sports and Leisure was formed in 2005 with only the Golf Management Diploma. In 2006, the faculty obtained approval to offer the Diploma in Sports Operations and Management. In 2008, the Equestrian pathway was introduced. Today, we have added five other pathways to this diploma program.

The Golf Management Diploma offers only the Golf pathway.

Under the Sports Operations and Management Diploma, there are six different pathways.

1. Body Building

2. Equestrian

3. Ice Hockey

4. Figure Skating

5. Swimming

6. Football

Our facilities in the college includes our own ice skating stadium, golf driving range, both indoor and outdoor basketball courts, gymnasium, indoor swimming pool and an equestrian recreation club. We aim to expose our students to the best of class facilities so that they will graduate to become excellent sports administrators, coaches or sports personnel.