Beijing Huijia Vocational College formerly known as “Beijing Furen Foreign Language College” was formed in 2003. The college is approved by the Beijing Municipal Government and the Ministry of Education. It is a full fledge vocational college enrolling students from the National High School Examinations.

The college is situated in the midst of Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park in Changping District. It sits on 367 acres of land with a buildup area of 8,420 square meters. The facilities at the college comprises of Lecture Halls, Music Rooms, Library, Computer and Multimedia Rooms, Design Studios, Track and Field Stadium, Football field, Basketball Courts, Golf Driving Range, Ice Hockey Stadium, Indoor Swimming pool, Equestrian Center, Gymnasium, Student Dormitory, Student Canteen, Medical Center, Convenience Stores and Cinema. These facilities occupy 7,838 square meters and are designed and built according to International standards and modern designs. It provides a very conducive environment to our students to excel in their studies and exposure to international amenities.

The college aims to be “New, High Quality and Internationalization” in our education concept. We strive to provide hands on vocational training and talents that gears towards the new economy, new business and new technology.

The college has one school and four faculties. The school is the School of Telecommunication. The four faculties are The Faculty of Education, Design, Management and Sports.

At Beijing Huijia Vocation College, we educate and influence our students to be creative, innovative and arm with an entrepreneur spirit to create better lives for their family and country. We hope to be a vocational college that “Represent Beijing to Influence China”.